Borum is proud to announce the appointment of Christian Barcélo Juul as sales manager. Christian is blessed with two mother tongues, namely Danish and Spanish, and in addition he speaks French and English.   At Borum Christian will focus on developing even more closer relations to the many Spanish speaking areas in Latin America, where existing as well as new Borum customers will benefit from Christians experience and professional background.

At Borum we have always had focus and commitment to our clients' need, and we are keen that all new employees acquire an in-depth knowledge of our road marking machines.   This goes also for Christian.  He is currently undertaking an intensive training in Borum products with special focus on the many product advantages.  He will also acquire an insight in the many challenges our customers are facing when they run a company whose ultimate objective is to produce perfect line markings in many variations,  - a perfect job for a Borum road marking machine


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