Borum machine trailers are designed for safe transport of road marking machines.

The trailer has a robust design, using the chassis as the ladder frame with reinforcement for machine transportation. It is equipped with a draw bar for upper suspension and the trailer floor is made from water resistant plywood.

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Technical specifications

Chassis as the ladder frame with reinforcement for machine transportation, with loading area over the trailer wheels Loading capacity: 7000 kg Drawbar for upper suspension, with drawbar eye of 50 mm 6 pairs of anchoring eyes implement in the sides of chassis (5 tons for each eye) Trailer floor made from water resistant plywood 1 x axle BPW (10tons), pneumatic suspension BPW, drum breaks 300x200, itself adjustable break levers (automatic backlash) Two-hoses pneumatic breaking system Wabco, EBS/ABS WABCO, pneumatic parking break with spring Tristop cylinders, automatic loading regulator, pneumatic valve for loading high adjustment +/-100mm Electric installation ASPOCK 24V, 1x15 pol or 2x7 pol plug, led positioning lights Supporting leg JOST with smooth extension and gearbox in the front, and 2x stabilization legs at the back Dual wheels tires Matador 235/75 R x 17,5 inch, disc 6,75x17,5 silver Aluminium sidewalls, tarpaulin and its construction 6,5x2,5x2,65m (LxWxH) Plastic mudguard, safety side bars and steel rear bars Basic tools and equipment (wrench for wheels, 2x safety wedge) Surface treatment of the steel trailer components is hot-deep galvanizing


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